CiCi’s Gourmet Cake Pops & Cookies in Maggie Valley NC


Nestled in the heart of Maggie Valley, North Carolina, CiCi's Bakery stands as a testament to the joy of simple pleasures and the warmth of homemade treats. This charming home bakery is the brainchild of CiCi, a retired physical therapist assistant and personal trainer with a lifelong passion for baking. Driven by a desire to weave her love for culinary arts with family tradition, CiCi transformed her small kitchen into a certified cottage bakery, creating a local treasure where community and craftsmanship converge.


CiCi, affectionately named after her role as a grandmother, brings more than just food to the table; she brings stories. Each recipe is a chapter of her life, reflecting years of honing her craft from high school home ec classes to her adventures as a mother of three. Her home in Maggie Valley, with its majestic mountain views, provides not just a backdrop but an inspiration for her baking. Her days are filled with the rhythm of mixing dough and the melodies of murder mystery documentaries, making her kitchen a hub of creativity and comfort.


What sets CiCi's Bakery apart is its commitment to quality and personal touch. Specializing in cake pops, CiCi spent over a year perfecting her technique, from mastering the tempering of chocolate to designing each pop as a piece of art. Her dedication shines through in every batch, whether it's her vibrant cake pops, custom-decorated cookies, or her newly mastered sourdough bread. Each item is not just made; it's crafted with a blend of precision, love, and a pinch of creativity.


Beyond her bakery, CiCi dreams of expanding her reach through a mobile bakery trailer, envisioning a rosy-hued caravan adorned with her logo, bringing her beloved bakes to a broader audience. This dream reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to spreading joy through her culinary creations.


At CiCi's Bakery, every treat tells a story—a story of a woman who left the healthcare field to follow her passion, a story of a grandmother's love woven into the fabric of her recipes, and a story of a community that gathers around the simple pleasure of eating well. In Maggie Valley, CiCi's Bakery is more than a business; it's a place where every bite is a taste of home. Whether it's the delight of a perfectly tempered cake pop or the hearty goodness of homemade sourdough, CiCi's Bakery offers a slice of paradise, proving that sometimes, the sweetest treats come from the smallest kitchens.


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