Barkriffic Dog Treats in Waynesville NC


In the quiet symphony of small-town craft, nestled amid the embracing folds of the Great Smoky Mountains, a quaint enterprise called Barkriffic concocts something truly special for our canine companions. The magic of Barkriffic’s treats starts in their philosophy: "farm to paw"—a promise that converts humble organic ingredients into morsels of joy that wag tails and warm hearts. These treats aren’t just produced; they are crafted with a dedication reminiscent of an artisan's touch in a cozy village bakery.


Imagine treats rolled by hand, the dough yielding beneath fingers that care about the wellness of your pet as if it were their own. Each batch of Barkriffic’s treats emerges from the oven with a golden hue, the aroma of baked goodness drifting through the air, reminiscent of a morning in the countryside. The choice of ingredients speaks of a deep bond with the local land—crisp vegetables, succulent fruits, and hearty meats sourced right from the local farms, weaving the essence of the mountains into every bite.


For those pups with a sensitive palate, Barkriffic offers wheat-free options, ensuring that every dog, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy a nibble of their lovingly made biscuits. It's a testament to their commitment that each treat not only satisfies the taste buds but serves a platter of healthful benefits, integrating organic flours wherever the grains of the earth permit.


Barkriffic isn't merely creating treats; they're forging a legacy of pet wellness grounded in the purity of nature and the sincerity of small-scale production. By choosing them, you're not just feeding your pet; you're endorsing a philosophy that champions sustainability, local produce, and the tender care that can only come from a producer who sees their products through from field to furry friend. In a world rushing towards mass production, Barkriffic remains a beacon for those who seek to return to roots, to authenticity, to a love sprinkled with the dust of the Smoky Mountains.


We love Barkriffic and are sure that your furry friend will too! You can shop their store below!

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