Mountain City Soap Company Review


Mountain City Soap Company initially seemed like a charming local business, promising high-quality, handcrafted soaps with the appealing allure of veteran operation. Unfortunately, my experience with them turned from hopeful enthusiasm to notable disappointment, reflecting significant gaps in their business operations and customer service that potential buyers should consider.


The company operates primarily through a Facebook page and a single phone number, which might suggest a quaint, small-scale operation but quickly proves impractical. Contacting Mountain City Soap Company for order inquiries or customer support is a frustrating ordeal. The limited communication channels severely restrict the ease of interaction, turning what should be a simple ordering process into a tedious and often fruitless effort.


Initially, the proprietors of Mountain City Soap Company appeared passionate about their products and eager to grow their customer base. However, this enthusiasm has not translated into effective business management. Placing an order feels like navigating a maze, with all transactions processed through Stripe, which adds a layer of complexity for those unfamiliar with this payment system it also makes it very difficult to get your money back if a problem arises. 


Moreover, the claim of being a veteran-operated business is frequently touted in their marketing, but there's a noticeable lack of depth or detail about how they embody this identity in their operations or ethos. This lack of transparency and engagement on what could be a unique selling point leaves one questioning the authenticity of their branding.


The quality and presentation of their products further amplify my reservations. The soaps, although boasting artisanal crafting, arrived poorly packaged and seemingly rushed. This haphazard approach not only detracted from the overall aesthetic but also raised concerns about the care and attention put into their products. More troubling was that most of the soaps were not fully cured, leading to mold development within the packaging—a clear indication of inadequate preparation and oversight.


Their lotions and creams did offer a redeeming quality with pleasant application experiences, but this high point was overshadowed by the fact that a significant portion of my order never arrived. Efforts to resolve these issues were met with startling unprofessionalism; not only was I denied any shipping information, but my inquiries led to being blocked from their contact points, leaving me without my products and out of pocket for a substantial amount.


While Mountain City Soap Company might capture initial interest with its artisanal promise and veteran-operated allure, the reality of engaging with them paints a different picture. Potential customers might find themselves entangled in poor communication, questionable business practices, and a disappointing product experience. As it stands, the charming facade does not make up for the underlying issues, and I find it difficult to recommend their services or products based on my experience.


We have placed this business in a potential scam category and do not recommend purchasing with them. Facebook Page used: 


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