Philly Italian Pastas & Subs in Canton, North Carolina


Philly Italian Pastas & Subs: A Review


Philly Italian Pastas & Subs, located in the charming town of Canton, NC, is a small sub shop that initially catches the eye with its promise of delicious Italian fare at affordable prices. The quaint exterior of the shop beckons customers to step inside and indulge in a culinary adventure. However, upon closer inspection, several issues become apparent, leaving customers feeling less than satisfied. In this comprehensive review, I will delve into the key problems with this sub shop, covering everything from customer service to food quality and the overall dining experience.


Customer Service


When it comes to customer service, Philly Italian Pastas & Subs unfortunately falls short. Despite its humble walk-up shop setup, the staff's demeanor can be described as nothing short and abrasive. Instead of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the employees come across as overly talkative, often disrupting the peaceful enjoyment of a meal. It is important for customers to feel comfortable and relaxed while dining, and the staff's constant chatter can be a distraction. Furthermore, the owner's penchant for sharing lengthy personal stories can be distracting and may prevent customers from fully immersing themselves in the dining experience. While it is admirable that the owner wants to connect with customers on a personal level, it is crucial to strike a balance between engaging conversation and allowing customers to savor their meals in peace or speak with those they are dinning with. Share your story with a personalized section of the website where customers who want the full story can get it with ease.


Sub Quality and Value


While the subs at Philly Italian Pastas & Subs are passable, some customers question the overall value proposition. They feel that for the price they pay, they could easily find similar or even better quality subs with faster service at more affordable price points at well-known establishments like Subway. This raises concerns about whether the sub shop truly offers a competitive advantage in terms of taste and value. Customers expect to receive a satisfying meal that justifies the price they pay, and unfortunately, Philly Italian Pastas & Subs may not always meet those expectations. It is important for a sub shop to consistently deliver on its promise of delicious Italian fare at affordable prices to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.


Outdoor Dining Experience


The outdoor dining setup at Philly Italian Pastas & Subs, while attempting to provide a unique experience, unfortunately lacks the ease of customer flow and enjoyment. One of the main issues is the absence of a proper line formation area, which can lead to confusion and frustration among patrons. Customers want a seamless dining experience, and having a designated area for ordering and waiting in line can greatly enhance their overall satisfaction. Additionally, the sub shop's location in North Carolina means that it is susceptible to fluctuating weather conditions, which can greatly detract from the overall dining experience. Customers find it challenging to navigate the outdoor space without obstructing the features the owner boasts about, and inclement weather further diminishes the appeal of outdoor dining. It is important for the sub shop to consider implementing improvements to its outdoor dining setup to ensure that customers can fully enjoy their meals regardless of the weather.


Parking and Cleanliness


Parking is a significant issue at Philly Italian Pastas & Subs, as the limited number of spaces available due to its shared premises with a hotel often leaves customers struggling to find convenient parking, especially during busy periods. This lack of parking options can be a major inconvenience and may deter potential customers from visiting the sub shop altogether. Customers want a hassle-free dining experience, and having ample parking spaces can greatly contribute to their overall satisfaction. Moreover, concerns about cleanliness have been raised, with observations of inconsistent hygiene practices. For instance, some customers have noticed staff members handling food without changing gloves and even touching non-food items during food preparation. These lapses in cleanliness can understandably raise doubts about the overall quality and safety of the food being served. It is crucial for the sub shop to prioritize cleanliness and ensure that all staff members adhere to proper hygiene practices to maintain the trust and confidence of its customers.


Overall Opinion


We give them a 2.5 star rating overall. Philly Italian Pastas & Subs in Canton, NC, unfortunately falls short of providing a satisfactory dining experience. The issues with customer service, sub quality and value, outdoor dining setup, parking, and cleanliness collectively contribute to a subpar experience for patrons. It is understandable why we do not plan to return to this establishment in the future. Therefore, potential customers should carefully consider these factors before deciding to dine at Philly Italian Pastas & Subs. It is important for them to weigh their options and explore other dining establishments in the area that may offer a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. By making an informed decision, customers can ensure that their dining experience meets their expectations and leaves them satisfied.


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